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 Reflections on the Process



This is the 33rd tool that I have used to re-create my electronic portfolio. The process moved fairly smoothly, although I was in Hungary, working on a school computer, and had some problems with copying and pasting from another version. I was able to convert all URLs to weblinks. The tool allowed me to reconstruct my portfolio in less than an hour, copying the information from my GooglePages portfolio where I had the URLs on the page (and the links). I easily uploaded my graphics. All of my other artifacts are web links. The program's Files Manager shows all of the files that I have uploaded. There is a limit of 10 MB per free account for all files.
Since I prefer to have the links open a new window (and the portfolio remains open), each link opened in a new window.  When an artifact is opened, the reader can close the window and easily return to the portfolio, rather than using the Back button.
There is also no data management tool, to aggregate assessment data. I'm not sure there is an interactivity feature to this program, such as found in a blog or wiki. Therefore, this tool would work for a presentation portfolio but not for summative assessment.
The real advantage of PBWiki is the many different tools, gadgets and widgets available, as well as the file management system. I was able to upload files as attachments. I created a Table of Contents on the upper right side of the page (the SideBar), with links to each section on the site, which automatically shows on each page. I was able to create each page as I created the first link. I am impressed with this tool. I was able to create this hyperlinked set of web pages, with no knowledge of HTML. This program has a feature that I haven't seen on any other system: what they call a Portfolio command at the bottom of the page. To quote from the page when that command is selected:
Use PBwiki to make a portfolio! Just pick the wiki pages to include, and we'll build a gorgeous portfolio for you. The best part: You can see your portfolio as an online slideshow, a PDF, and more.
This program would work well for a presentation portfolio, but PBWiki would work better if the goal is a learning portfolio, with interactivity and feedback. Each page can have comments added, which is the nature of any wiki. Others can also be invited as a contributor on a page, by giving them the password. You can also create tags and templates which can be used to be used when new pages are created. So, it would be easy to create a class website/portfolio with this tool. The bottom of the page is more cluttered (with commands) than some of the other wikis that I tried, but it has more features than others I have tried.

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