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 Digital Storytelling Competency


 The QuickTime movies below provide examples of digital stories that I have created over the last three years. I attended the Center for Digital Storytelling workshop in January 2003, and have been exploring the practice since then. I have designed and delivered workshops to help Teacher Education students and faculty to develop digital stories as reflective artifacts in their electronic portfolios. 


Family Portfolios and Digital Stories


These documents contain portfolios developed with my granddaughter for her Kindergarten, First and Second Grade years. The digital stories for K & 1 are reflections on the year. The digital story for 2nd grade is her autobiography written as part of a school project. The "Dad" story is the project we created at the Center for Digital Storytelling.


Prepare for a Digital Storytelling Workshop (.mov)


I created this digital story to help participants prepare for a digital storytelling workshop.


Electronic Portfolios as Digital Stories of Learning (.mov)


This narrated slide show presents the content of my article posted at http://electronicportfolios.org/digistory/epstory.html This presentation looks at technologies that are engaging forstudents to foster intrinsic motivation, specifically digital storytelling.


Choices - A Digital Story of Learning (.mov)


Seventh grade provided one of my most vivid memories of learning. I have made sense of this experience with a reflective digital story.

Reflecting back on that learning experience as a professional educator, I realize that the problem was not with me, but with the assignment. What a difficult task I was given... it takes time to build those synapses in the brain. Memorization has its place in learning, but I didn't derive the true meaning of the poem I had to memorize until much later in life.

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